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Day 2 of 2023 Winter STEAM Camp

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Date: 1/4/2023

Time: 2:00-4;00

Volunteers: Albert Zheng, Julia Song, and Alice Chen

On Wednesday, more volunteers went to Devonshire PALS for the second day of the winter camp. Albert had a very cool science experiment prepared. Alice had two science experiments prepared, on dry-erase markers and water tension. Also a tutorial on how to make an origami lotus flower. Julia had lessons ready on Chinese Calligraphy and basic skills for knitting a scarf. All of the participants were able to discover basic elements of life, and learn fun art and craft from different cultures! Thanks to all of the volunteers and their families for participating in the camp!

Personal thought as the camp coordinator:

Today went a lot better and more smoothly than what I expected after yesterday. To be honest, I think there was only one thing that I would comment on about what we should fix.

I felt that it would have been more organized if we set it up where it was one hour of science and then one hour of art as the schedule said. The reason for that was that by the end of everything, there was still half an hour left and that was because the students lost interest in the other activities. We had six lessons today, but no one went to all six. They just went to the ones they wanted and then left. Had we done science first, then art, I feel that they would have been able to go do more activities and not have as much time left over as we did today. This is just a very small problem I notice, but everything went very smoothly and well.

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