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CHEER Home Recycling Program (Santa Clarita)

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

We launched our first ever CHEER Home Recycling Program during the first week of September! The purpose of this program is to help the Santa Clarita community by recycling items to local centers. This way, not only is the community cleaner, but it also raises money for CHEER and saves resources.

TO PARTICIPANTS OF RECYCLING PROGRAM: The future blog posts of the volunteer(s) recycling should give a brief overview of the trip and have pictures in the COMMENTS SECTION.

On Saturday, September 25th 2021, we went to the Sammy's recycling center near Newhall to drop off recyclables! We took the bottles and cans out of our trunk and weighed them on the scale that the center provided. Among these recyclables were plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles that were obtained from our home and trail clean-up sessions. Two plastic bags were filled to the brim with recyclables and we must've collected over 100 cans and bottles from what it looked like! In total, we made 8.21 dollars from all of our bottles weighted together.

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