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Graffiti Removal Day

Date: 6/4/2022

Location: Bouquet Creek River Bed

On June 4th, Thomas, Justin, and I represented the Santa Clarita Valley Branch of CHEER as we participated in the Graffiti Removal Day! It was such a cool experience! We got to paint a part of the river wall that had been an eyesore to the community for a while! We were taught how to properly paint by the City Graffiti Removal Team and worked with over 50 people in a great effort to paint the river bed pink! After the event, we were officially recognized by the city council during one of their monthly meetings and all received awards! I also got a unique opportunity to talk to Mayor West about our trail clean-up plans in the future!

Overall this event was a wonderful experience and I cant wait for the next city-hosted community service event!

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