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Mid Autumn Fundraiser Talent Show Performers

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Here are some pictures from the Mid Autumn Fundraiser Show.

Angela Yang, Jerry Yang, Hannah Yang- Chinese Poem

Benjamin Sun- Allegro Brillante with Violin

Angelina Wang- Indiana Dance

Charlotte Warren- Bach Minuet in D minor with piano

Hannah Yang- The Swallow with piano

Jerry Yang- Avengers Theme Song with Saxophone

Aaron Liu – Mozart Adagio in E Major with Violin

Albert Zheng- The Story of Dongpo Su (苏东坡的故事)

Gianna Zhang – Nocturne in c minor with Piano

Michelle Wang – Song and Dance

Teresa Gu – You raise me up With clarinet

Nathan Wang – Descendants of dragon with violin

Albert Zhang- Piano

Trevor Trinh- Nocturne in Autumn Palace with Guzheng

May Wu’s Cockatoo Dada- Dance

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