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Northridge Park Playground- Cheer's CleanUp

Time/Date: 3:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M. 11/13/21

Location: Northridge Park

Hosts: Zhao Family (Olivia & Connor) and Lee Family (Samuel, Naomi, Priscilla)

On Saturday, November 13, we had a trash clean-up with around 14 families. When we got into the park, we found the organizers and they handed out some grabbers. The families dispersed around the park and playground, finding scraps of trash, here and there. The park itself was pretty clean, with only some small scraps of trash at the actual park and playground. Larger pieces of trash were uncommon until we found the little dump at the edge of the park. The dump had so much trash that my little group had picked up ten full bags! We had picked up two disposable tablecloths and one tarp. Even though we spent most of the day cleaning up that area, there still is a lot of trash left so we plan to go again next time.

- Written by Samuel Lee

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