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October Recycling Event

On October 23, 2022, many CHEER members contributed in recycling recyclables such as water bottles, cans, and glass. Members contributed by dropping off numerous recyclables at a designated location and had kindly sorted out the recyclables beforehand. Such members included Justin, Caelyn, Lucas, Willa, Albert and Yimeng's family. Janice has also assisted in helping sort and drive many recyclables to designated meet-up location for recycling. At Sunset Recycling Center, we gathered a total of 18 bags of reusable trash and sorted the trash into separate bins. Once all recyclables were weighed, we collected a total of $41, all proceeds will be contributed to the CHEER Organization. This was made possible by the collective help of CHEER members so we thank them and hope to see them in future events!

By: Willa Li

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