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CHEER College Lecture: Pomona College Admission officer Seminar

Topic: Applying to a Top Liberal Arts College (Pomona College): A Close Look Inside Their Admissions Review Process

CHEER partner, Mr Deng, invited Pomona College Admission office Assistant Dean , Stanley Liu to introduce Pomona College admission procedure.

Please join the seminar.

Speaker: Stanley Liu, Assistant Dean of Admissions (Pomona College)

Date&Time: 9/19/22 Monday

Pacific 4:00 pm

Central 6:00 pm

Eastern 7:00 pm

Students and parents should research 3 types of colleges: public university, private university, and liberal arts college to find which type fits them.

The seminar will be held in English, suitable for both students and parents.

Please go to this link:

to register, ask your questions and obtain meeting link, ID, and password

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