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Review of Youth Group Activities from Sep 2019 to Sep 2020

Introduction from Arthur Sun

Thank you everyone for coming, we are very grateful for you all coming to today’s ceremony in this hard time. We appreciate all your effort of all the dedicated community service hours and also coming here in this hard time for this momentary ceremony. We are here not only to distribute the presidential awards, for which you have all worked so far for, but also to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of the youth group. In september 2019, with the support of CACAYC adviser May, as well as CACAYC officers Trevor and Alex, we were able to launch the youth group. Ever since then, we are pleased to be able to offer ample opportunities for the youth group. Last year, we were able to launch four onsite lectures, one 3D printer workshop, one math workshop and one open house, with all of these activities being on site. Our advisor also successfully invited an advanced math teacher and AMC chess coach to offer classes/ chess camp to the kids in our community. Both programs are still ongoing in the pandemic time period. In the advent of the pandemic, we launched the robotics team and also a college application lecture. In March, when safer at home orders were enacted, we transitioned successfully to using zoom to host our activities. In the past summer, we offered rich, dynamic, and engaging classes to our K-5 elementary school communities. These classes include Arts & crafts, drawing, Speech, Math courses, rubix cubes, Science, Circuit board, Book Club, and more. For our middle and highschoolers, we launched over 20 interview sessions in which students from all over the nation, who were admitted into prestigious universities to share their experiences with us. One of our most successful interview/presentation sessions was our middle and highschool introduction lectures, which was met with high acclaim from parents and students alike. In addition to all of these activities, we launched multiple COVID relief efforts to battle the pandemic. These include programs of making masks, helping to 3D print PPE, hosting bake sales and fundraisers to help aid the first responders of this pandemic. Aaron Du also taught Rubix cube class to community seniors. That is the first approach we tried to service the seniors in the community. A couple of high schoolers are planning the moon festival celebration, to celebrate this traditional holiday, and also collect donations for firefighters. We also have a couple of events operated by adults with students getting involved, for example, the valley foodie festival which was very successful.

Thank you so much for your efforts in helping the community, especially in these difficult times. I am very proud of what everyone here has worked to accomplish in our community.

Before we move on, I would like to personally thank Richard Zhu and his mom for helping introduce the presidential service award program to us. Without them, we would not have been able to utilize this opportunity. Richard designed the work flow of the program, filled out the paperwork, and managed an accurate log of the hours for every member. Thank you Richard for the hard work and dedication you put into the Presidential award ceremony.

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