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President's Volunteer Service Award and Partners (moved from old site)

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Big News! We are approved as official certified organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award! On Sep 9th, 2019, SFVCCA has been approved as certified organization for President's Volunteer Service Award We will submit award applications each year in August (service time period: 0730 previous year --- 0801 current year) for qualified volunteers.  We submit award application for qualified youth group members who are current SFVCCA family members and adult volunteers .Please considering join SFVCCA under Membership Beside this national award, we also offer youth group service hour award to international students and qualified student group/club awards.  Submit service hours: please go to Volunteers Questions? Please go to FAQs

Youth Group Community Service Program Partners  The following organizations are agreed to be our community service program partners. We highly recommend you to contact these group as a group. You can go with your school club member or a couple of friends. High school students, please considering to team up with middle school students as we would like to have you tutor them.  Youth group project lead, please fill up the above activity summary after each visit.  Each youth group volunteer need to bring a separate community service verification form to get the signature from responsible adult. Each youth group volunteer need to follow above workflow to submit volunteer hours into our system so that we will trace your hours. You are recommended keep a separate excel sheet to trace personal service hour record.  Note: only free community service time could be recorded. Activities as go to a class, listen to a lecture, or get paid through following organization are not counted as community service.  SFVCCA Chinese School Contact: Chinese School PTA CACAYC Northridge Branch Contact: May:  createworld2012 American Chess Academy Local Contact:  Coach Jerry Yee  (818)915 5572 Rally in the Valley (Lego Robotic Competition May 11 2019) Devonshire-pal ​(in the process seeking partner with)

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