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SCV River Rally Cleanup

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Date: Sep 16, 2023

Time: 8-11AM

Location: Newhall Community Center (22421 Market Street)

On September 16, 2023, a gathering of dedicated volunteers congregated at the River Ralley Cleanup, a remarkable event hosted Santa Clarita City. Our mission was to collect trash left by previous homeless residents. Many non-profit organizations joined this event, and we CHEER are proud to have contributed improving our community. Our CHEER members who participated are: Daniel, Kathy, Sam, Lucas, Linda, Linda's dad, Arthur Fong, Courtney Fong, Ethan Fong, Luke, Xinyu, Jessie, Amir, Roger, Janice, Roland, Albert, and Sophia. Together, we worked tirelessly to pick as much trash as possible. Some of our intrepid members even climbed up the mud piles on the river bank to scavenge trash hidden under the earth. Surprisingly, we even uncovered a truck engulfed by the mud along the river bank. In total, we collected seven bags of trash along with large pieces of foam, rod sticks, wooden sticks, and beach chairs. This is CHEER's third time joining the event, and it has become a tradition. Also, for all participants, except Albert's family, it was their first time attending River Rally clean-up. Overall, this was a wonderful experience, and I look forward for the next River Rally cleanup.

Visit this link for more information about the event:

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