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River Rally Clean-Up

On the day of September 17, 2022, CHEER community members gathered at the River Rally Clean-Up with numerous other organizations and groups. More than 1,200 people joined this event, all putting in immense effort to preserve one of the last natural lakes in Santa Clarita, the Newhall Lake. Our CHEER community members Yimeng Yuan, Adeline, Sophia, Kevin Yuan, Teresa Gu, Nolan Lee, Helen Hsu, Alice Chen, Xu Yan, and Gary all joined together to traverse the lake in hopes of picking up as much trash as possible to bring our planet one step closer to protecting our environment. Though traversing the rocks in the outer perimeter may prove to be difficult, we and many other organizations still persevered through it and managed to accumulate a grand total of 1 big trash bag. We again thank our CHEER community members in helping protect our home called Earth. In the future, we hope for more families to join in our endeavors!

By: Willa Li

Date: September 17, 2022

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