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Kevin Chua
Kevin Chua
Jul 19, 2021

Students: Boheng Cao and Kevin Chua


Rising Sophomore

Middle School: Science Academy


  • Semi-Curriculum

  • Most freshman usually take:

    • AP World History

    • AP Biology/Honors Biology

    • Honors English

    • Math:

      • Mostly Algebra 2 or Precalc

    • Foreign Language: Spanish

  • Boheng’s clubs and extracurriculars

    • Science Bowl

      • North Hollywood has qualified for nationals many times

    • Math Club


Rising Junior

Middle School: Portola

North Hollywood HGM has around 400 students total


  • Both Magnet and Non-magnets

    • Usually Magnet teachers have good quality

  • If a student is struggling, they should ask for help and the teacher can accommodate

  • Small School Size

    • Sometimes slightly less flexible


  • Sometimes less flexibility

    • Smaller classes might not get as much funding

Clubs and Sports

Wide selection of clubs

  • You can…

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