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SCV Recycling Trip

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Date: 3/15/2022

Location: Sammy's Recycling Center

While the Northridge clean-up group finishes up another week of picking up trash, the Santa Clarita Valley clean-up group is also working hard. Just this Tuesday, after picking up trash for 2 hours, we went to Sammy's Recycling center once again to drop off YET ANOTHER batch of recyclables. And this was our biggest yet! Because of these hard-working members, we raised 29.79 dollars to donate to CHEER! THANK YOU very much to the families of Yimeng, Alice, Albert, and Lucas. With a total of 11 bags and boxes full of cans and bottles, this is the most money CHEER has ever raised from recycling. We hope that everyone can collect a few cans and bottles to donate to CHEER next time! Thank you again SCV CHEER members!

(Yimeng and Yilu)


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