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SFVCCA Volunteers (repost from old site)

President's Volunteer Service Award and Partners Three conditions to meet to be considered as award candidate through Youth Group for the year of 2020: 1. US Citizen or green card holder 2. Accumulate enough hours 3. Have served in Youth Group activities in the time period from (07/31/2019 to 08/01/2020).  Either offered class as the little zoom teacher, hosted an interview/workshop/presentation or took care of some duty for the group.  Please follow this guide and send scanned copy through email to ygvolunteerhours& More questions can be answered at  FAQs:

Volunteers Guide Youth Group ​Student Volunteers Register We encourage you to take following steps to be qualified for different awards that we will offer: 1. Register as a youth group member Register Here 2. Print out/fill it out community service verification form before go to any community service activities,  and have the responsible adult signed on site. 3. Send scanned copy through email to ygvolunteerhours& with email title as:  Email Title Example:  Name_hours_service event summary

  • Robert Liang_3 hours_Youth Group Hosted a Zoom student interview 

  • David Sun_18 hours_Chinese School Teacher Assistant for teacher Rose in class 1A

  • Patrick Li_10 hours_little teacher over zoom with science class for valley k to 5 wechat group

  • John Smith_3 hours_Granada Hill High school lead the chess club to Reseda street fair

  • Lisa Tao_5 hours_Nobel Middle School library assistant to help organize the book shelves

4. We will release youth group member service hour summary every two months (under your nick name).  5. We will submit President Service National Award application each August. All Awards will be passed in September in our annual member conference.  Note: President community service award is for SFV community families and greencard/US citizen only.  International students are qualified for Youth Group service hours and student club/group awards.  ​​ Youth Group Activity/Project leaders  Submit Report Project leader and activity organizer, please submit activity summary report and also record this event.  Note: please let your group member know that you are not responsible to submitting service hours for them, each of them need to submit service hours separately. The above form is for us to keep a record for each student club/group and our student group/club award will be based on these information. ​

community_service_verification_form.pdfDownload File

community_service_verification_form_-_multiple_organizations.docxDownload File

community_service_verification_form_-_multiple_organizations.pdfDownload File

sample_volunteer_hours_form.docxDownload File

presidents_volunteer_service_award_program.pdfDownload File

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