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Towsley Canyon Cleanup

Location: Towsley Canyon

Date: Saturday 3/12

Time: 2:30-5:00

Host: Alice Chen

This Saturday we had another cleanup at Towsley Canyon, we have been here many times before for cleanups, but there was still a lot of trash there. We started off with a small hike. Originally, it was only planned to be a one-and-a-half-hour cleanup, however, we didn't collect a lot of trash from the hike, so we decided to go to another area where there was a lot of trash. However, I felt that our hard work was worth it since we were able to collect 65 pounds of trash! I am extremely proud of our hard work and had a great time helping clean up our community this Saturday.

All of us during the hike!

Found the treasures (trash!)

From left to right: Albert, Justin, Alice, Jimmy, and Yimeng.

Thank you for all of your hard work everyone!

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