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What Youth Group did in Covid 19 Time Period (copy from previous site)

1. All Youth Group activities have been switched to Zoom. We have arranged interviews of high school seniors and college students, workshops with parents and students, and encouraged students to teach over Zoom . See details at   As Zoom meeting IDs may be changed at the last minute, we release the zoom ID in the following social media wechat group and student only Discord group. The Discord link is released to students in each student event.  Youth Education WeChat group(北岭青少年教育讨论群, wechat contact: ThaliaLA)

2. Student Involvements:

-FundraisingJoey Li, GHCHS Senior student proposed a Red Envelope fundraising activity to help the Wuhan children who lost their parents. He collected $60 from supporting parents. When COVID-19 spread to the US, he added his own allowance to the donation, totaling $160, in the name of the Youth Group to the Tzu Chi foundation to purchase PPE for healthcare workers.  We appreciate him very much for his kindness and generosity. 

- Case Statistic Daily Report: Patrick Li, 5th grader, he published daily covid-19 cases increasing data graph in last four months in SFV Neighborhood Wechat group. There are about 200 members/around 100 families in this neighborhoodgroup. Neighbors have been following his report on daily basis. 

-Bakery SalesShanlin Qian, 11th Grader and  Angelique Guan/Teresa, 8th Graders, both started bakery sales in their own community to collect donations for health care workers and senior centers. $60 collected byAngelique Guan/Teresa  bakery sale was donated toHenry Mayo hospital . Angelique hosted a Zoom event on how to bake a cake, while Shanlin stated teaching kids drawing classes after we dismissed the Robotics team that she was leading. 

Cloth Masks.  Angelina, 2nd grader and Ariana, 8th grader hosted a Zoom event on how to sew cloth masks. The masks that Angelina sewed were donated to a Kaiser hospital. The 27 cloth masks sewed by Ariana were donated to the Beverly Community Hospital. 

_ 3D Face Shield: Project guide by CSUN professor Li Bingbing is under planning. Contact Arthur Sun for update. 

YouTube: 9 year old Justin Koo uploaded a Lego Cartoon video of COVID-19 on YouTube. Linda also published a Covid-19 related Youtube video. 

Lecture: Arthur Sun and Benjamin Sun, 10th and 7th, did a COVID-19 presentation to the community. Benjamin also presented it in Chinese to a Chinese School class. 

_ Origami Stars:  A couple of community families who have younger kids folded over 100 origami stars which were send to healthcare workers and doctors who were in the front line.

3. Community Involvements:

A group of community volunteers (including a couple of our youth group advisors) teamed up with the Tzu Chi foundation and together we collected over $10,000 and over 6,000 PPEs. We have donated PPEs to 8 hospitals (UCLA, USC, Northridge) and LAPD

All activities are recorded at 

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