We're a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. We strive to create a friendly, inclusive environment for productive communication and learning. We attempt to preserve our cultural legacy while encouraging innovation, educating our peers throughout the San Fernando Valley to prepare them for the modern world and its associated challenges.

We organize different events for the overall betterment and well-being of our greater community, funding a diversity of public services and institutions. These include our winter camp for cultural integration. 

We host weekly virtual interviews of successful scholars via video conferencing platforms, some of whom are alumni of our program. Executable tips for an enjoyable and productive educational experience in high school and college are shared.


We offer a diversity of volunteering opportunities for students in the form of mentoring and online classes. We are approved to award the President’s Volunteer Service Award, even to individuals who have predominantly demonstrated their commitment to the community outside of our organization.

We provide student-run, virtual classes on topics ranging from baking to origami to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We also serve as a platform for the development and hosting of new classes for the general community.