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Lecture time: sep 20, 2020

Student Coordinator: Amy Wang


我叫尹旭,在 千橡居住十来年。老大现在NYU Stern,老二高中。愿意和大家分享我们大学申请的经验,以及开发的一个推荐大学名单的网站

我们根据每一位高中学生自己的GPA, SAT/ACT 成绩,和全国近千所大学的排名,以及学生对学校的地点,公/私立类型,和校园城乡位置的偏好,推荐出一份personalized 的申请大学的名单,其中包括best match, far reach , most likely 和safety net,综合平衡尽可能好的大学和保底. 外面的许多大学申请的谘询公司收取大量费用,真正的“干物”并不多。除了帮助essay, 就是申请大学的“名单”。希望对大家有用。

One of secret sauce of college application is how to select a well balanced college list that fits your academic strength and preference among those hundreds of national ranked public and private universities. Based on real high school student college application experiences, plus researches on national and regional college data, we recommend a personalized college list according to student’s own GPA, SAT/ACT scores, college preferences like major, location, type, size, and living setting). Our recommended college list includes match, far reach, most likely and safety schools that is tailored specifically for you.

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