3nd Bridge Meeting

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ikjA52JdnM_MJHfRqi2LrRKq8mkh2tBY6-E7fx-R_Ac/edit Third Meeting for Bridge Project Date: Nov 7th, 2020 Attendance Self Introduction with Favorite Food:

Dr. Yan Searcy: Phylis

Dr. Bing Bing Li: Menudo

Dr. Weimin Sun: Thanksgiving Turkey

Janice: Green bean casserole

Bosiu: Chinese Dumplings

Kerstern: Roast stew and cornbread

  • Student under Dr. Li

Shanlin (student) : Hot pot

Holly: Beijing Roast Duck

Kelani (student)i: Tamales (Chicken Tamales with Green Sauce)

Arthur (student): Mabo Tofu

Feng Li: Braised Pork Belly

Chang Li: Noodles

Rosalind: Tacos

Aaron (student): Steak

Martha: Spam

Ning (Owen’s mom): Stir fried tomatoes with scrambled eggs

  • Ning: works at amgen as a scientist

  • Owen : Westlake highschool student, teaches scratch

Angela (student): Ramen

  • Granada Hills Charter student

  • Part of youth group

  • Taught speech and debate

Agenda Items

  1. Thanksgiving events planned?

  2. Planning a workshop/discussion

  3. Youth planning a workshop,

Agenda 1: Thanksgiving Events


  • Strong family time

  • Wants to establish a community


  • Wants to have a party, however, is overwhelmed by the events

  • Thanksgiving does not seem like a good time to plan events, postpone instead.

Agenda 2: Plan a workshop/discussion


  • Establish a workshop to build common ground

  • Around 1-2 hours to discuss histories together

  • Knows that Black and Chinese have been living together in the same area (Mississippi)

  • Could take a lot longer than just 1 session.

  • Workshop:

  • Will be actively engaged in tasks with one another

  • Utilized active learning, instead of just basic lectures.

  • Wants to understand history so that we can understand the present


  • Wants workshop to have conversations about stereotypes and demystifying stereotypes among one another

Bing Bing

  • Stick to workshops between one another

  • Prefers to host interview workshops with one another

  • Could use youth group

  • Suggests to focus primarily on one aspect, instead of being to ambitious

Weimin Sun

  • Wants to help and establish common grounds due to their shared history of being oppressed in America

  • This workshop will be started by this time.


  • Will establish a series of workshops, and have breakout sessions

  • Workshop sessions will be about common shared histories and stereotypes between the two groups.

Agenda 3: Winter Break One Week ZoomCamp


  • Puts forth proposal of establishing a winter camp workshop.

  • Wants to gauge interest among communities.

  • Even at this moment, youth group is teaching courses to students.

Proposal: https://www.sfvcheer.org/post/2021-winter-zoom-camp-proposal


  • Looking forward to people coming in and helping instigate activities in to the youth group


  • Wants people to join and help teach academic and fun classes in the youth group

Yan and Rosalind

  • Be patient, supportive of ideas

  • Very supportive of ideas, and allows for blacks to desire and want this.


  • Discourages more academics

  • Wants to include fun involved


  • Kinda like “hiding vegetables inside brownies”, analogy by Rosalind

  • Wants to integrate math into activities


  • Wants to encourage sports watching and other bonding activities

  • Could integrate “Freedom Writers” into each other allowing us to understand and get together greater.

  • Wants to help join each other and instead of driving a wedge between each other.


  • Thinks that this group can achieve a greater bonding agent and communication between the two groups.

  • This group has potential to achieve greater bond between two groups

Final Decisions

  • Will have a workshop with one another

  • Will have the winter zoom classes with the two groups

  • Winter zoom classes will start/go along with the two communities

  • Future details (ie classes, topics) will be established and looking forward to doing.


Whats up: “Hi”

Chinese: 你好

Check you later : “Good bye”

Chinese: 下次见, 再见

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