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CHEER's 1st Overnight Beach Clean Up Event!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Location: Carpinteria State Beach

Date: 9/6/2021

CHEER hosted its 1st overnight beach clean up event on Monday! We arrived at the Carpinteria state beach campsite on Sunday and set up our tents for an overnight stay. The very next day, we started our walk across the beach in search of trash to pick up with our newly made CHEER shirts on! Patrick, Benjamin, Albert, Boheng, Arthur, and others participated in this event while the adults were there to support us! We picked up many pieces of trash including cans, pieces of paper, and food containers. Marking the 1st successful overnight beach clean up event, this was a proud day for CHEER!

(From left to right: Patrick, Benjamin, Albert, Boheng, Arthur)

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