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Valley Youth Group Mid-Autumn Festival Fundraiser Proposal

Valley Youth Group Mid-Autumn Festival Fundraiser Proposal Target Date: Oct 3nd, 2020 (Saturday, 7pm )


  • Raise money to be donated to first responders such as police officers and firefighters.

  • Bring the whole community together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Time: TBD (late September or early October around Mid-Autumn Festival 2020)

How Money Would Be Raised: Currently we plan on having a live performance through zoom and an online art gallery.

  • The performance would include musical acts such as playing a musical instrument or singing.

  • The art gallery would include pictures of art created by those taking part in this fundraiser, which will be posted on a website or google photos (still to be determined).

  • Everyone is allowed to attend both events for free but are encouraged to donate to the fundraiser

  • Suggested donating theme: I want to buy a cup of coffee for firefighters ($5)!

People needed:

- Organizers/recruiters

- Performers

- Artists

- Spectators

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