Week 2 of Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program

  • New Community Projects

  • Everyone presents a community project idea

  • Camp: 1-2 wk for coding

  • Project Ideas Discussed in 1st Meeting (discuss, decide which ones are plausible, rank them in order of most to least liked/achievable)

  • Volunteer for local church - Could raise a fundraiser for musical instruments? (Gianna)

  • Set up platform to build ideas for classes and camps (Kind of like CHEER)

  • Event for elementary school kids

  • Debate class, science camp, stuff like that, different events

  • One-week camp about history. History of different subject for each day (Albert)

  • Fundraiser for CHEER (Zydon)

  • Create a local library specializing in books of foreign languages (Aaron)

  • Partnering with local libraries

  • Creating own library

  • Grants

  • Book drive

  • We will vote on the projects and choose one or two that is most viable

  • Decide team leaders

  • All projects we decide on should be clear on the following

  • Purpose/Importance

  • Background Info

  • What we will do to help

  • Library Project updates (Albert):

  • Chinese Library Organization

  • Chinese Library Organization scheduled an interview with us. The date will be July 2nd 3-4 p.m.

  • Co host meeting: aaron and albert

  • Chinese Library Organization co-founder wants to know about CHEER. We will interview him about his organization, and then he will interview us about CHEER.

  • Prefer one other person be host with Albert for the interview with Chinese Library Organization, the person can answer Professor Chow's questions

  • Syrian Refugee Organization

  • Emailed Syrian Refugee Organization about scheduling interview

  • Syrian Refugee Organization can call us anytime during the afternoon or evening.

  • Can anyone host or call them?

  • Food Reduction Project Idea (Olivia):

  • Elaborate and introduce the specifics to everyone

  • Leftover rules

  • Grab as much as you can eat

  • Cause of the problem

  • Time factor

  • Talk about what could be done

  • Keep brainstorming

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