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Week 5 of Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

  1. Discussed interview with Prof. Chow and shared notes

  2. Libary Project

We have decided that the library project with the public libraries is not possible, and have decided to either donate books to schools in need or donate materials. We will also consider the Syrian book donations

3. Small side project

Recap on classes:

Benjamin, Albert, Zydon (both history classes) World War II, and video games history

→ Olivia and Gianna (Human body)

→ Aaron (Science Experiments),

For history, we have decided on topics: Maginot line, pearl harbor, Germany invades Russia, innovations during WWII, the nuke, holocaust. Pac man, pong, history of video games, Mario, graphics, to VR

4. Decided to split up the Food Waste Research

General Information about Food waste (Aaron, Zydon, Benjamin):

  • Impact

  • Statistics

  • etc.

Specifics about Food waste in schools (Albert, Gianna, Olivia):


  • other

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