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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

2021 Cheer Activity Report Speech prepared by Arthur Sun Presented by Teresa Gu and Owen Ye at the 2021 Cheer Award Ceremony Location: Northridge Park Time: Sep 19th Sunday 3:00pm

Hello all CHEER parents and students! Thank you so much for making the effort to come here to celebrate Youth Group 2nd anniversary in addition to the PVSA award ceremony. Youth group has been around for 2 years. As you all noticed, in Oct 2021, for better development, we officially launched our own non-profit organization: CHEER. CHEER born in the incredibly difficult pandemic time. Despite all difficulties for families and students, CHEER members still had a lot of success, in accomplishing and making headway in a multitude of projects. In adapting to the online environment of the pandemic, we put a lot of effort into offering all sorts of dynamic and engaging meetings over zoom, online platforms, and some in person meetings.

Some of projects that CHEER offered to our community the last year include _three zoom camps (Winter, Spring and Summer, intotal we have close to 100 families participated, which included a couple of Black families.

_we invited a national championship as Kongfu teacher from NJ as our camp teacher

-we have chess club from north hollywood high to teach kids Chess in winter camp, - we have CSUN deaf students to teach us American sign language in Summer camp

-we have science club team from Granada Hill Charter High teamed up North California Silicon Valley -Stem 4 Youth organization, which ends up with $1000 donation to support our deaf culture projects; _ Diverse and engaging zoom classes offered by our students throughout the year (Math, Science, Art, Fun game, Pajama night) _ Interviews and Lectures for students and adults (college application, high school series, charter/magnet school series) _ Bridge project with PTA and CSUN, African American community, which ends up with rich resources for CHEER, including ASL class and connection with LAPD _ Chinese New Year celebration with GHCHTK8 PTA, over 90 families participated. _ Lectures for adults: vaccine lecture Most importantly, we offered the platforms for CHEER students to service our community familiers in this hard stay at home time period)

Even with most of our activities have to be offered through zoom, we strived to have some in person projects : _Reagan Library Leadership team meet once per week in the summer (6 families)

_Safety demo, which happened right here, in Northridge Park, over 30 families participated _ 6 trail/beach/park cleaning activities happened recently in sep, and we will promote it to the whole youth group after we have completed the document guidelines and paperwork in detail. Stay tuned with the coming projects: _Trail cleaning(trail, park, schools), bottle recycling, fruit picking community/family bonding project

_ Deaf Culture promoting project.

- Girls4Stem project And more! Looking for another successful year full of Cheers!

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