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CHEER Summer Interview Panel: Part B

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Hey CHEER, we will be having our second college interview this summer! The first interview was a huge success! Thank you to all who came! Here is the information for interview B. Be sure to invite your families and friends to come and listen! For this talk especially, we encourage students of all grades to attend!

A bit of background about our interviewees: Trevor was one of the interviewees for the last interview and gave many insightful answers and comments about various topics. Kathryn will also join us for this interview. She has kindly shared a link to a video she created about Brain-Machine Interface ( Interview B: How to build up study skills? Date: July 10 at 7 PM Interviewer: Richard Zhu/Aaron Du Interviewee: Trevor Trinh/Kathryn Luo

Meeting ID: 886 6349 3879 Passcode: welcome Click the link below to join: Link:

Below is the attached flyer for the interview.

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