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Bridge Building Meeting-Summer Events Planning

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Saturday, 5/1/2021


Yan Searcy

Weimin Sun

Holly Wang

Alan Hamilton

Albert Zheng

Angellé Thomas

Arthur Sun

Bohsiu Wu

Cathy Li

Cedric Hackett

Janice Robinson

Jeff Patterson

Kelani Johnson

Kamau Pruitt


Lan Zheng



Phillip Hutchison

Rasheed Gladden

Richard Zhu

Ding Yi

Olivia Zhao

Kayla Spruill

Janice Jin

Sunny Ning

Chang Li

Teresa Gu

Li Bingbing


Quick Introductions

Everyone took a moment to introduce themselves to begin the meeting. We also took a few moments to talk about our experiences within our culture and life.

Sign Language Classes

Preferably taught by someone in the deaf department in CSUN

  1. Accessibility matters

  2. Basic ASL

  3. Break the stigma

Enrichment Programs

More challenging material compared to previous classes

Children programs

Create classes to give cultural history of both cultures

Include social hours and arts that youth are interested in

We are hoping to make this youth-run and focused

Enrichment programs could be similar to the previous CHEER winter camp

Student Interviews

Conducted by Richard and a few key members

Interview students

We could create an opportunity for students to share a little bit about their schools


We could have a small celebrate depending on the development of COVID

Teach and celebrate black history


  • Collaborate with University Library and help with resources

  • We briefly spoke about previous projects

    • Africa Book Drive

  • Try to teach culture through games

  • We could try and collaborate with the LAPD

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