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CYI and Cheer Speech Session 3

Date: October 30, 2021

Time: 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Session #: 3

Location: Online via Zoom

Today was very fun and engaging for all of our students! We kicked off the class with one of the CYI mentors giving a presentation about persuasion. Students learned the 3 different types of persuasive speeches: Value, Fact, and Policy. Then, another CYI mentor talked about non-verbal communication. We were shown many clips of hilarious videos that expressed different types of nonverbal communication!

Finally, a third mentor gave an engaging and collaborative presentation about outlines. We learned 3 main points:

- The main components of an outline are introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion

- How to organize an outline

- How to arrange an outline

We even played a game using a folded sheet of paper to answer multiple choice questions about the structure of outlines!

Oliver was an exceptionally great student in this session! He was very interactive and understood and answered many of the questions the CYI mentors asked! Great job Oliver! Keep up the great work! Thank you mentors for your hard work! Students, be sure to turn on your camera during the class!

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