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SCV Stevenson Ranch Walmart Parking Lot Cleanup

Date: 1/6/2024 1-2PM

Location: Stevenson Ranch Walmart parking lot

Host: Sophia Ren

On January 6, a clean-up event was held in the parking lot of Stevenson Ranch Walmart. This is our second clean-up at the Stevenson Ranch Walmart parking lot. Cheer members who participated include: Yilu, Willa, Yimeng, Sophia, Courtney, Yannis, Dylan, Dylan's dad, Teresa, Teresa's mom, Julia, Mia, Albert, Daniel, Arthur, Janice, Nolan, Kevin, Julia's mom, and Roland. Congratulations to Dylan for attending CHEER events for the first time! Overall, the event was very successful, we managed to collect 57.1 pounds of trash! At the end of the event, every child receives a red envelope in terms of celebrating new year.

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